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Scissors are dangerous!

To coupon or not to coupon – that is the question!

Or something like by William Shakespeare.

I don’t like clipping coupons. My wife does not usually even let me use scissors unless they have the blunt kindergarten end (probably for the best I suppose). First, I have to walk ALL the way out to get the paper, gosh I’m tired already. Then I must spread the coupon inserts out over the table searching and scrounging for the best price on this, that or the other thing. By the end I look like Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind meets Edward Scissorhands!

I do like saving money though.

So far, we know this;

1. I’m lazy – don’t like to even walk to get the paper

2. My wife doesn’t trust me with semi sharp objects

3. I’m messy (my wife told me to write that part)

4. But I do like saving money

Well – now at mini-critters we have two great amazing ways you can save.

1. ALL dog and cat foods when you buy 12 bags you receive the 13th bag for FREE. Yep – free, nada penny, compliments of the house

2. And our CritterCash. For every $100 you spend at mini-critters you receive $5 store credit.

So free food – free money – what’s next, healthcare? Ok – we’ll leave that alone.

Thank you for supporting your locally owned pet supply store for over 40+ years.

Now, I should clean up my coupon cutting mess before my wife gets home . . . and probably should find the band-aids.

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