Many of our kittens come from the Mitchell Animal Rescue. Please look there if we do not have any kittens available!

Available Kittens
(All kittens are at 49th St location.)

DSH Kitten


Around 9 months old

All proceeds to Mitchell Animal Rescue


Upcoming Kittens



Arrival Date

*These dates are tentative, and arrival dates are subject to change without notice.

None currently scheduled. Keep an eye out! 

Kitten Request Form

Don't see the kitten that would best fit your family? Fill out a Kitten Request form to let us know what breed you would like to see! This helps us to know which breeds are the most desired and allows us to notify you when we get that breed in-store. We work hard to try to find kittens among our breeders and rescues that our customers will love!
*NOTE: Filling out a Kitten Request form does not guarantee you a kitten, nor is it an order form.