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            With 20+ terrariums, we have an excellent selection of exotic lizards, snakes, and more! We would love to see you in the store and set you up with a new, scaley family member! 

Meet Our Reptile Manager


Eric has been with our store for 10 years sharing his love and passion for reptiles and fish.  Sporting a Biology degree from Augustana University, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into our store and your hobbies.  Whether you are starting with a betta tank or graduating to a salt water aquarium, Eric will be with you every step of the way. Eric's 20+ snakes and various reptiles keep him on his toes when he is not at work.


605.361.0006 or

What Our Reptile Department Offers

Special orders of most reptile species and breeds

Years of experience in the reptile industry to answer your questions

Hundreds of products to help you succeed with your reptiles

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