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Our groomers have over 70 years of combined experience in Sioux Falls, grooming all breeds of dogs. From Shih-Tzus to Poodles, even up to Newfoundlands!

Prices for grooming depend on the size, hair type, and hair texture of your furry friend. Check out our spreadsheet below to get a baseline figure!

Dog Wash

Meet Our Groomers


I've been immersed in the art of grooming since 2006, taking my first steps into the world of pet care as a bather. After completing my college education, I knew without a doubt that grooming was my calling, and I wholeheartedly embraced it. I dove into the intricacies of haircuts through a dedicated apprenticeship, shaping my skills and passion for the craft.

In 2013, I joined mini-critters, where my expertise now extends to both cats and dogs, a testament to my genuine love for animals.

Outside the grooming studio, I find joy in precious moments with my husband and two daughters, creating a lively household that doubles as a personal zoo with feathered, scaled, and furred companions.

My interests extend beyond the grooming table; I'm passionate about gardening and nurturing my collection of plants. I dream of settling on an acreage, expanding my hobbies and creating a haven for my family and beloved pets.


I've been in the grooming industry for an impressive 17 years, and it's been an amazing journey. I take pride in my expertise, ensuring that I meet the unique grooming needs of my clients' beloved pets with care and precision.

Beyond my rewarding career, my heart finds joy in the company of my standard poodle, cherished feline companion, and the lively energy of my four wonderful kids.


I've been a part of the grooming world since 2017, and it all started when I graduated from the Paragon School of Grooming in 2018. Safety is a top priority for me, which is why I made sure to become certified in pet CPR and first aid.

My main goal in this wonderful journey of grooming is to infuse the art with love, patience, and a gentle touch. There's something incredibly special about making each pet feel cherished and at ease during their grooming sessions.

At home, my husband and I share our space with a delightful assortment of pets, each one dearly loved. The age range spans from 18 to 1, creating a lively and fulfilling environment that complements the joy I find in the grooming studio.


I've been in the grooming world for six wonderful years, having graduated from the Paragon School of Pet Grooming in 2019. Competing in grooming competitions became a passion of mine in 2021, and I'm proud to say I've snagged some awards, particularly with standard poodles and my beloved Bedlington Terrier. Safety is paramount, which is why I made sure to become CPR and first aid certified.

My days are filled with the joy of giving and receiving love from the dogs I meet. There's nothing quite like the fulfillment that comes from making these furry friends feel their best. At home, my place is a lively haven with a menagerie of well-loved animals, keeping me happily occupied when I'm not in the grooming studio. It's not just a job for me; it's a heartfelt connection with each pet, making every grooming session a truly rewarding experience.


My name is Camille! I am from Bemidji, Minnesota and moved to Sioux Falls in 2014. I have a chocolate lab named Tilly who is almost 2 years old. I have worked in the grooming environment for 3 years and have been full-time grooming for a year and a half. I really enjoy bonding with clients and their pets to make the grooming experience as comfortable as possible. I know it can also be scary leaving your babies at a new place so creating that trust is a huge goal for me with each and every client! My favorite things to do on days off are paint, go for walks with Tilly, and relax! I would love to pamper your pup and make them as cute as can be!


Hi! My name is Katie Trumbull, I started at Mini Critters in May of 2023 but I have been in the grooming industry for seven years. I started out as a bather during college and fell in love with working with dogs so I decided to become a groomer. I specifically enjoy working with nervous dogs, I love to see them get more comfortable with me and the grooming process as a whole. I am a golden retriever lover and have two of my own. Winnie is seven years old and Josie is one. When I am not at the grooming shop I am usually spending time with my two golden girls, at a greenhouse, or out in Canton visiting my three young nieces. I look forward to meeting more families and fur babies!


Hello there! I'm Angie, and I've been in the grooming world for a whopping 16 years, perfecting the art of making pets look their absolute best. Currently, I'm proud to call Mini Critters my professional home, where I've been passionately working my magic for almost 2 years.

When I'm not grooming adorable furry friends, you'll find me immersed in the joy of family and friendship. My husband Matt is my partner in crime, and together, we cherish moments with our loved ones.One of my beloved pastimes is fishing, where the connection with the outdoors and the anticipation of a good catch provide the perfect escape. Beyond that, I've taken on the delightful responsibility of showing and raising Dutch rabbits. It's a passion that combines my love for animals with the joy of nurturing and showcasing their unique qualities.


I'm Bailee, hailing from Harrisburg, SD, and my journey with animals has been a lifelong adventure. I found my true calling in the grooming industry back in early 2022 when I decided to pivot from college to pursue courses in animal conservation. It's been a wild ride ever since, and I'm currently honing my skills at the esteemed Paragon School of Pet Grooming and I am also Pet CPR certified.

My days are a delightful whirlwind, filled with the love and energy of my little family. Sean, my partner, and Aspen, our bundle of joy, keep life vibrant and exciting. Adding to the chaos, there's Ino, our Australian Shepherd, and Otto, our feline overlord. I'm also deeply involved in volunteering with 4-H, combining my passion for animals with a commitment to community and education.

Included in a Haircut
Included in a Brush Bath

- Full bath and a brush out

- Full haircut, tailored to your liking

- Anal gland expression

- Ears cleaned

- Nails trimmed

- Full bath and a brush out

- Face cleaned

- Sanitary trim

- Anal gland expression

- Ears cleaned

- Nails trimmed


Pricing varies depending on breed, hair type, hair texture, and physical condition of the animal upon arrival to mini-critters.

Walk-in Services

Please call ahead to check the day's availability for the following services:

Nail trim               $15          Anal gland expression          $15

Teeth cleaning     $5            Ear and eye cleaning            $8

Face trim              $5            Feet hair and nail trim          $13

Sanitary trim         $5           Bird wing and nail trim          $15

Nail trim and file  $14         

Dog Grooming
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