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Our groomers have over 50 years of combined experience in Sioux Falls, grooming all breeds of dogs. From Shih-Tzus to Poodles, even up to Newfoundlands!

Prices for grooming depend on the size, hair type, and hair texture of your furry friend.


Meet Our Groomers


Kimber has a love for dogs and a passion for design, leading to the pet grooming industry calling her at a young age. She has led this Sioux Falls team of professional grooming stylists for over 15 years! Kimber has wowed customers with her skill, design, and style; sending dogs out the door with a hop in their step and love of their new haircuts.


Lashawn provides years of experience at various Sioux Falls grooming salons! She brings a set of skills that are hard to find in the grooming industry. Her passion for animals and art makes her a fantastic groomer. Her poodle, three kittens, and two kids keep her busy and on her toes! 


A graduate of Paragon Grooming School, Jada has obtained some of the best grooming skills in the nation. She has a passion for grooming and does a fantastic job doing so. Jada enjoys her life at home with her husband, Dachshund, and two cats.


Bethani is also a graduate of the Paragon Grooming program. She enjoys grooming dogs large and small. Bethani has gone to many grooming competitions and won multiple awards! Wish her luck at her next competition!

Included in a Haircut

- Full bath and a brush out

- Full haircut, tailored to your liking

- Anal gland expression

- Ears cleaned

- Nails trimmed

Included in a Brush Bath

- Full bath and a brush out

- Face cleaned

- Sanitary trim

- Anal gland expression

- Ears cleaned

- Nails trimmed


Pricing varies depending on breed, hair type, hair texture, and physical condition of the animal upon arrival to mini-critters.

Walk-in Services
Dog Grooming

Please call ahead to check the day's availability for the following services:

Nail trim               $15          Anal gland expression          $15

Teeth cleaning     $5            Ear and eye cleaning            $8

Face trim              $5            Feet hair and nail trim          $13

Sanitary trim         $5           Bird wing and nail trim          $15

Nail trim and file  $14         

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