Pet Hotel

Dogs of all sizes, birds, and small animals are welcome to stay! Depending on your pet's needs, we are happy to make special accommodations.

Check out time is 1:00 pm every day.

Pets checking out before 1:00 pm will not be charged for that day's stay. Dogs staying after 1:00 pm will be charged for that day's stay unless they are being groomed before pickup.

Call for reservations or with questions: 605-361-0006. Email reservations will not be accepted.


Small - 4 x 4 foot 

The 4 x 4 is our smallest suite and offers a safe and cozy atmosphere for our smaller furry friends. These suites are big enough for your small dog to play with toys, spread out, and cozy up next to each other at night. 


             One Dog: $24.00

             Two Dogs: $36.00

             Three Dogs: $48.00

                       *pricing is per night

Sizing: Four foot by four foot

Dogs staying in the 4 x 4 over the weight over 30 pounds might be asked to move up one suite size, depending on breed.

Medium - 4 x 8 foot

This is our most common suite booked. Offering an immense amount of space, the 4X8 can suit almost every breed and size of dog, while also allowing your dog to have room to sprawl out and play.


             One Dog: $27.00

             Two Dogs: $40.00

             Three Dogs: $54.00                                     *pricing is per night 

Sizing: Four foot by eight foot

If more than 3 dogs will be staying in this room, please call the store. You may be asked to move up one suite size, depending on the breed.

Large - 8 x 8 foot

The biggest of all three suites. The 8 x 8 suite offers 64 square feet of space that your dog can cozy up and call home for the duration of their stay. Call and make a reservation now, these suites fill fast!


             One Dog: $30.00

             Two Dogs: $45.00

             Three Dogs: $60.00                                     *pricing is per night 

Sizing: Eight foot by eight foot

If more than 3 dogs will be staying in this room, please call the store.

mini-critters Pet Hotel Quality

Here at mini-critters we love your pet and want their time here to be fun and uplifting, but also safe. Safety and cleanliness are part of our top priorities for your pet when they are in our care. We use veterinarian recommended disinfectants, kennels, and care procedures. We offer a great service for a great price without cutting corners on your dog's overall well being and enjoyment during their time with us.

What does the pricing include?

Each room size comes with the same amenities and every room is cared for equally. Dogs are taken out for walks twice a day. Dogs are fed according to your instructions, so we won't ruin their eating schedule. While we encourage owners to bring their own dog food, dog food can be provided for an extra $1.00 charge per feeding.

What is included

Water and food bowls

- Dog bed and blankets

- 2 walks a day (20 min)

- Toys and treats

- 3 bathroom breaks

- Plenty of cuddling and attention


- Extra walk (20 min) - $2

- Ice cream sundae - $1

- Playtime (one on one, 30 min) - $10

- Daycare (group of dogs, 8-10 hrs) - $12

- Holiday dinner - $1

- Feed dogs separately - $2.00

- Give shots or medication - $2.00

- Nail trim - $10

- Grooming services found below

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