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About Us

For over 40 years mini-critters has been peoples home for all things pet. In fact we have some pretty smart whipper-snappers here that can help you pick out some healthy pet food, set up a new fish aquarium reptile habitat or just about anything else. 

Dog Walker at the Park

For over 40 years, mini-critters has been your family's home for pet services, nutrition, everyday products, and more. Our staff is dedicated to providing you and your family the best in products and services.  Have a question?  We have knowledgable and helpful staff that can help you find the best product or service for your pet. We can even help you find your new family member!

Our Team

Our Team

Ryan - General Manager

Ryan has been with our store for over 15 years and working in the pet industry for over 20 years.  Ryan has a heart and soul for animals and their families and loves sharing this joy with the people he meets.  His loving wife, five children, and their four dogs support him at home. Whether he is helping you find the right food for your dog, or what water parameters your fish should be kept in, Ryan has the answer.


Eric - Fish and Reptile Manager

Eric has been with our store for 10 years sharing his love and passion for reptiles and fish.  Sporting a Biology degree from Augustana University, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into our store and your hobbies.  Whether you are starting with a betta tank or graduating to a saltwater aquarium, Eric will be with you every step of the way. Eric's 20+ snakes and various reptiles keep him on his toes when he is not at work.

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