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Here at mini-critters, we have a fantastic supply of pets. From our adorable puppies and kittens to fish and reptiles. We love helping families find their new family member. Whether that is a new puppy or a betta fish, mini-critters will be here every step of the way for your family.


Animals We Carry

- Puppies

- Kittens

- Freshwater Fish

- Saltwater Fish and Coral

- Small Animals

- Birds

- Amphibians and Reptiles

Animal Request Form

Animal request form

This form is only for requesting fish, reptiles, or small animals. Unless we let you know that your request is improbable, it will be put into our system. We will let you know when we have that animal in! Please contact us at the chat button in the bottom right if you have questions.

**Please do not request puppies or kittens here, those forms are on their respective pages**

Amimal Care

Animal Care

With over 60 years of combined experience in the pet industry, we are qualified to help anyone and almost every pet through their care needs. 


Often considered man's best friend, dogs are amazing pets to have for individuals and families. 



Worshiped as gods and hunted as companions to witches, cats have fascinated us throughout time. Still somewhat mysterious, cats have recently surpassed dogs as the most popular pet in America!



Friendly, loyal, caring, these are all words that describe bunnies. Bunnies are fantastic pets to own.


Guinea Pigs

Great pets to have, with friendly, amazing personalities, we highly suggest getting a guinea pig for you and your family.



Small, cute, and very energetic. Hamsters are great pets for families who want to have a very active pet.


In spite of the fact that a third of America has a phobia to snakes, they are some of the easiest animals to take care of, if done properly.



Clean, active, friendly, and with great personalities, rats are amazing pets to have and are highly recommended.


Bearded Dragons

Great starter reptile! Very chill, super friendly, easy to handle, and best of all: amazing personalities. 



As some lizards are easier to care for than others, it is important to understand what your specific lizard needs.


Freshwater Fish

All fish are different and require different amounts of work and water parameters. It is important to understand the needs of your freshwater fish.


Saltwater Fish

As some of the hardest animals to care for, it is incredibly important to know how to properly care for your saltwater fish.

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