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Build A Better Bowl--Raw Food Additions

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

  1. Raw Cow/Goat Milk

Raw milk contains a lot more nutrition than pasteurized/homogenized milk, and because dogs and cats have a better GI tract than humans, it doesn't bother them to drink it. In fact, it will help strengthen their GI tract. Raw milk also has some cancer-fighting and yeast-prevention. Pouring a bit of raw milk into their existing kibble can elevate the nutrition adequately, no matter what brand of kibble you start with.

2. Edible Elixers

These are great additions to help boost your dog's immune system. They come in Green, Winter Squash, and Omega Mussel. The Mussel addition is also great if you are looking for something to help support your pet's joints.

3. Bone Broth

Bone broth is great for pets who don't like dry food, or maybe have teeth or gum issues that need a softer food alternative. Adding this to their food will help soften the kibble while still making the food attractive to the pet. Our bone broth brands don't have the extra sodium that a canned bone broth from the store would have.

4. Raw Patty

Raw food itself can either be eaten by itself, with some of the additions above, or even as an addition to your pet's regular kibble. This is a great alternative to making your own raw dog food, as it has all of the necessities built in so you don't have to stress out about getting all of the correct nutrients when making the meal yourself. Raw dog food has antibiotic properties, which prevents many tooth-related issues, like periodontal disease. Pets will also eat less of this food than they will kibble because it is generally more nutritious. This, in combination with the lean meats included, will mean that your dog is much less likely to become overweight. There is plenty of moisture included in a raw patty, which means your pet will consume less water, and have a better, and less, stool on average.

Feeding raw to your pet can seem complicated and expensive, but by adding elements of raw to your pet's existing doesn't have to be! Both large and small breeds can benefit from adding raw to their diet.

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