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6 Steps to Prepare for New Year's Eve Fireworks

Many, many animals struggle with the sound of fireworks. It's hard to watch your pet go through this twice a year. So, what can you do to help them this month, BEFORE the fireworks start going off?

  1. Introduce them to the noise at very low levels. Use your TV or a speaker system to play firework noises at a very quiet level. Practice for 5-10 minutes every day if you can. Increase the volume a little bit every session.

  2. Give your pet treats when they are calm during the noise session. If your pet is not calm at all, you will need to back down the volume until they can ignore it.

  3. Play with your pet during the noise sessions. Keep their mind off of it and let it be a fun activity for them.

  4. Practice your kennel training. If your pup doesn't typically stay in a kennel but freaks out during fireworks, this may be a good time to introduce kennel training again, for his own safety. Start by kennelling for just a couple of minutes, and gradually increase the time. Make sure Fido isn't chomping at the bit to get out either, they need to be relatively calm to leave the kennel.

  5. If you're still worried, buy a noisemaker to put in a room you are comfortable keeping them in. White noise may be able to drown out the fireworks noises enough to keep them from going berserk.

  6. If you're STILL worried, talk to one of us at the store about getting your furry friend some CBD! We have many owners come to us around fireworks season for some CBD treats, oil, peanut butter, you name it--just to help their pet take the edge off. We have heard so many success stories about our CBD in the past couple of years. Come on down, ask questions, and try it out!

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