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Should Your Dog Be Wearing A Sweater? (And Other Cold Weather Wear)

It's getting to be that time of year again, where we break out our coats, hats, and mittens. But should we be bringing out some cold weather wear for our pets too?

The answer depends on what breed of dog you have.

Is your dog a long-furred dog, or otherwise large dog? Most likely, then, your dog would not need cold weather wear, unless they seem affected by the cold, such as shivering when outside, or limping after their walk.

Is your dog a short-furred dog, a small breed, a puppy, or a senior? It's probably time to consider getting them some cold weather clothes. These categories of dogs need to be wearing a sweater and booties for protection against the cold weather if it is below 32 degrees. Under 45 degrees, it would still be a good idea.

Why do I need to put a sweater on my dog? Isn't that what their "coat" is for?

Your short-haired dog was not bred to be outside in the cold, South Dakota climate. They were bred for life in areas closer to the equator, where it very rarely gets below 45 degrees.

Why do I need to put booties on my dog?

For starters, the ground is very cold and it may hurt your pup's paws if they have minimal or short fur between their toes. Second, it is almost required to put ice melt on driveways and sidewalks in the winter and although it makes everything much easier to walk on, it can be disastrous to your dog's pads. There are a few brands of pet-safe ice melt, but not everyone thinks about this and it is not necessarily within their reach to get it (we have pet-safe ice melt at our store!).

Is it cruel to put clothes on animals?

Not at all! In most cases, clothes are put on pets to keep them safe. We can guarantee that putting a coat on your dog in the wintertime is a lot safer than not.

And there you have it! Very simply put, if you have a small dog or short-haired dog, they need a sweater and booties if it is under freezing temperatures. Hope this helped!

Pro Tip: take a video of your pup in booties for the first time. The results are hilarious!

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