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Pet Hotel Team Member

We are looking for an individual who loves to care for animals. These animals range from small dogs, big dogs, all the way to guinea pigs and bearded dragons. We want someone who is willing to properly care for all types of animals. If this is you, we want you! We will fully train you within a few shifts to fully operate the hotel routine by yourself or with a small team.


- 16 years or older

- Ability to work weekends

- Ability to work with smaller and bigger dogs

- Ability to work independently 

- Ability to work on a holiday rotation

- Ability to work on your feet for 4-6 hours straight


- Follow strict instructions on care for animals

- Handle cleaning chemicals properly

- Clean animal rooms

- Walk dogs on a leash

- Administer medication (including insulin shots) to animals

- Follow instructions from a manager for cleaning, animal care, or various additional jobs.

Job Application

We look forward to reviewing your application!

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