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Farmina N&D

N&D Ancestral Grain

The carnivore nature of your four-legged family members is their guide in developing their all-natural scientifically researched complete and balanced nutritional diets. Cats and dogs in their natural state almost exclusively consume meat and don't require a diet containing a high level of carbohydrates.


Pursuing this philosophy, they developed the line N&D Ancestral Grain, which incorporates a limited amount of low glycemic index grains; spelt and oats. This range of diets has been clinically tested through cruelty-free research to have a low glycemic index.


Their products can help control the glycemic level after your pet eats, thus facilitating the management of diabetes and the prevention of obesity. N&D Ancestral grain is complete and balanced with at least 90% of the protein coming from animal sources.

N&D Quinoa

The carnivore nature of our four-legged family members is their guide in developing their all-natural scientifically formulated complete and balanced nutritional diets. This functional line is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats and dogs with 92+% of protein from animal sources.


Skin & Coat - L.I.D formula for food sensitivities useful in promoting skin and coat wellness.


Urinary - promotes urinary tract wellness (fantastic for pets with urinary crystals!)


Weight management - A complete diet that supports achieving a healthy weight in pets                                             with an overweight tendency.

Digestion - A highly digestible formula for digestive sensitivities.

N&D Pumpkin

The N&D Pumpkin line contains grain and potato-free recipes with up to 96% of the protein coming from animal sources.

Pumpkin has many nutritional features and benefits such as:

-Digestive aid

-Low glycemic index

-Source of beta-carotene (vitamin A) and natural antioxidants

-Regulates intestinal motility


-Supports the immune system

N&D's dry food innovative technology

Their vacuum coating system, a unique technology that permits the inclusion of vitamins after cooking, gives the vitamins a longer effective life.

All kibble is packaged under a protective atmosphere, where they introduce Nitrogen inside the bags in order to remove oxygen which is responsible for food getting bad or stale. This technology is widely used in the human food industry because it preserves all of the nutritional features of the food and keeps the food as fresh as if it was just cooked!

Who is this food perfect for?

While any cat or dog can greatly benefit from being on this food, there are a few pets that this food would be PERFECT for!

-finicky eaters: because the kibble is made up of over 90% meat-based proteins, it is irresistible! Farmina boasts its success in the finicky cat world especially!

-scarf and barfers: does your pet scarf all of their food and then throw it back up later? This food is perfect for those pets! Because the food is compacted so well, it will not expand in your pet's stomach acids, which is what causes the barfing afterward!

-UTI's: pets who are prone to UTI's love this food, because of the high levels of nutrition. The Quinoa line even has a specific urinary formula!

-recent vet-line foods: if your pet was recently on a vet-prescribed food, and is now allowed to have normal foods, that's fantastic! Vet-prescribed foods are typically very low in fat, so it may be a good idea to use N&D (also low in fats) to make their transition back to their normal food easier.


a labor of love

The story of Nulo is really the story of Michael and Max. While working in the corporate world and living in California, Michael was preparing for an upcoming work trip and was searching for someone to watch his black lab, Max, while he would be gone. With no luck finding an adequate dog-care situation and refusing to leave his buddy behind, he decided to drive to Colorado instead of fly so that Max could join. While in the car, Michael had plenty of time to think about the lack of quality pet care options available and devise a solution.

the root cause

He started what ultimately became the largest pet-care company in California and while growing that business, Michael learned a lot about trends in the pet world. The most alarming trend was the continual increase in the need for at-home insulin shots due to the increasing rate of overweight and diabetic pets. As a former biomedical engineer, Michael was determined to find the root cause and he quickly learned it was something in the food supply that was causing the pandemic.

what’s in the food?

He discovered that most pet food recipes were about as nutritionally beneficial as fast food is for humans; made with empty calories that came from filler ingredients. In fact, Michael found that most major pet food brands contain more than 40% carb fillers and use high levels of plant-based proteins instead of real meat protein. Recipes that are low in animal proteins and high in carbs can pose grave health issues for our carnivorous companions. This leads to fatigue, immunodeficiency and obesity-related diabetes.

creating a solution

Concerned with what he was feeding Max, Michael knew there had to be a better option for his buddy and for all pets. So, he met with esteemed animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators. Together, they began working on a truly different pet food and agreed they had something special. Michael and Max packed their bags and moved to Austin, Texas, to start Nulo. Michael made it his mission to create recipes that could live up to his standard of quality for Max and vowed to never take any shortcuts with his product.

what animals need

Nulo’s recipes are exactly what animals need. They’re high in animal-based protein, low in carbs and use low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body conditions and stable energy. Nulo also adds a patented probiotic to aid with digestion that survives the cooking process, shelf life and is viable in your pet’s digestive tract. All of the ingredients are carefully selected with intention and purpose. They are functional, delicious and nutritious. The standard has been, and always will be, if Michael wouldn’t feed it to Max, Nulo won’t sell it.


Earthborn Holistic Pet Foods

Dog Food

-Our range of holistic dog food includes everything your dog could need, from holistic puppy foods to dog food with grain. Rest assured that all of our formulas are made with the best dog food ingredients.

-Our Earthborn Holistic dog food recipes have both wet and dry dog food options perfect for any pup looking to up their dinner game. Our natural dog food recipes with added vitamins and minerals are enriched with taurine and provide a tasty meal for your dog or puppy.


-For pet parents looking for a dog food with grain, our ancient grains dog food formulas are a great option. Our UNREFINED line is packed with fresh proteins, a superfood blend, and enriched with taurine to benefit your dog or puppy’s heart health. Our original recipes are just as tasty with recipes available for dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs.

-Grain-free dog food is great for dogs with allergies to grains and our grain-free recipes are packed with superfoods for great nutrition and taste. With a variety of proteins to choose from and both dry and wet food options, you’re sure to find a recipe your dog will love.


-Our limited ingredient dog food recipes are perfect for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. Made with fewer ingredients but never sacrificing taste and nutrition, our Venture line is everything you want and nothing you don’t–no traces of grains, glutens, potato, egg, peas, legumes, lentils, chicken, colorants, fillers, by-products, or artificial preservatives are in any of our Venture recipes.

-If you have a picky eater on your hands, switching things up with wet grain-free dog food may be worth a shot. From our moist dog food tubs to K95 canned dog food recipes, we have many options if you’re looking to switch up your pet’s entire dinner routine or if you’re just looking to give them something a little different as a tasty treat or topper.

Cat Food

-Our Earthborn Holistic cat food recipes have both wet and dry cat food options perfect for any kitty looking to up their dinner game. Our cat food recipes are made with quality proteins and antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies blended together to provide your cat with a tasty and nutritious meal.

-For pet parents looking for cat foods without grains, our grain-free cat food recipes are the perfect fit. With formulas for cats and kittens alike, these recipes are made with added vitamins and minerals to give your cat a balanced, healthy diet.


-Our ancient grains cat food recipes are just as tasty and are made with easily-digestible grains like brown rice, oats, and barley. Paired with a blend of healthy fruits and veggies and made for all life stages our natural dry cat food recipes with added vitamins and minerals are sure to please.


-For pickier kitties, our variety of wet grain-free cat food recipes are a great solution. With both cat food pouches and cans to choose from, dinner is easy and convenient for you and tasty and nutritious for your cat. Our wet food for cats is made with added vitamins and minerals and nutrient-rich proteins to provide your cat with a healthy meal.

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