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Online Booking

We are testing out this new feature on our boarding and grooming system. Bear with us as we approach this! If you have any questions with booking please feel free to contact us. Please read instructions before booking an appointment!

If your dog just needs a Bath and a Brush out, please select the "Brush Bath" groomer. 


New customers to mini-critters

1.Create an account

2. Enter as much information as possible so we can accurately serve you and your pet.

Previous customer whos never booked online before

1. Open the online booking portal

2. Click the link next to "Already a customer but don't have an account?"

3. If you have provided your email for our grooming and boarding system, please enter your email and set your account up.

4. If it says that your email is not in our system, but you have boarded or groomed with us before, please contact the store to have your email added to your profile so you may book online in the future.

Previous customer who has booked online

1. Enter your log in information on the portal.

2. Follow the instructions through the portal.

Questions? Please feel free to 
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